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The ASDA || Where Champions Are Created...

Welcome to The All-Sim Dressage Arena of All-Sim. We are so glad that you decided to visit us today! If you have a Dressage horses that is eligable to show within All-Sim Community you have come the the right place. The active admin's of the ASDA run monthly Dressage shows, usually numbering four & posting results the first week of the month. We also incourage our members to host their own Dressage shows, which can be run threwout the month.

why choose us?

>>Monthly shows with lots of competition
>>Diverse classlist
>>Seasonal condition free horse sales
>>Listing of available Sim Stallions & Broodmares

We hope that you take a minute or two to take a look around the ASDA and see all it has to offer the active Sim Player. If you ever have any questions of concerns please feel free to reach out to Meaghan. We look forward to seeing your horses entered in the upcoming shows this month!


Open Classes

Open classes are where the best of the best go to strut their stuff. The competition is stiff, class sizes ranging from 30-over 75 horses. This is why when you can do well here, you know your horse is a champion through and through!

Young Horse Classes

We have added young horse classes for horses aged four to six. With the growing participation in the ASDA we felt the need to give these up and coming stars their own venue. Classes available are Introductory through Fourth Level.

Western Dressage

With the ever increasing presence of this amazing new discipline, we have decided to include western dressage in our new classlist. We hope that this helps boost the western dressage community that is just starting out in SIM!